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Adiuvaret kids LLP is a start-up which is working towards creating avenues for more rewarding childhood experience for kids. It is planning to complement the efforts of pre-school education and activities through innovative product and services and also create opportunities for the parents to improve their engagement with their pre-school children. As per a study done by Adiuvaret Kids, it is revealed the following;

  • Average productive time spent by parents with their pre-school kids was found to be less than 10 minutes per day.
  • More than 90% of the parents were unable to identify the positive qualities in their kids during their pre-school years.
  • More than two third activities done by pre-schools did not help in nurturing the innovative qualities among kids.

Again other research has affirmed that maximum cognitive development occurs by the time the child reaches the age of 6 years. More than 90% of the brain is developed by the time the child turns 5 years of age. Therefore the early years are considered to be the best time for the child to develop the connections those are needed to be capable and successful human being. As per the research by First things First, the connections needed for many important abilities like motivation, self- regulation, problem solving and communications are formed in the early years. It is much harder for these essential brain connections to be formed in latter stage. Thus, right amount of care, nutrition, stimulation, interaction and environment in the early years would make all the difference in developing a child.

Adiuvaret Kids has taken up the challenge to make every child in India to reach his/her highest potential through right intervention in the right time.

Mission of Adiuvaret Kids

Contribute to the overall growth of kids and pre-schools by assisting and creating avenues through research, analytics, documentation and training