If I were a Successful Organisation

: If I were a Successful Organisation
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Author: Dr Biranchi Jena

Price : Rs 299

The book is a practical guide to improve personal effectiveness and help you to shine as a successful organisation

First Words of the Book;

I believe that every human being resembles to an organization. Like different organizations have different set of goals, different human beings are living with different set of goals in their life. Most of the times, we are not completely conscious about our goals. Life’s priorities change based on the environment, events and circumstances. When we change our priorities, then mission and goals of our life get diluted and we are unable to maintain our focus to fulfil those goals. The real life resources are our energy, our time and we are not endowed with unlimited resources. Therefore, if those limited resources are not used diligently and effectively, we may not create the outputs which are actually needed to lead a purposeful life. 

With advancement in various facets of management education, availability of numerus tools to organise things, we keep on producing successful organisations. With such knowledge and tools we help the organisations remain much focused in their approach. We also help them to be mindful about their mission and goals. Since successful organisations are driven by strong management philosophy, it becomes really easy for them to achieve the defined goals.

While I strongly believe that individuals are like organisations, there is no reason for an individual not to be successful by adopting the similar management philosophies as successful organizations do. While the goals are quite tangible for the organization, it is generally much unstructured for the human beings. The success of a person therefore depends on a structured approach towards life. Though most of us are successful in terms of earning money and building wealth, still there is a sense of un-fulfilment in most of our life. This is because of the fact that the real goals of life are not created and followed systematically.

The book brings a framework and also various tools and techniques which would help each and every human to transform their unstructured life to a very structured and mission driven life. When a life is driven by a strategy, it is bound to be successful and filled with joy and happiness. I name the whole process as “Life Strategy”.

Let’s transcribe our Life Strategy and lead to a successful and happy life.

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