: Adiuvaret Kids invites entries for innovative tools and techniques in the pre-school setup
Adiuvaret Kids invites entries for innovative tools and techniques in the pre-school setup2019-07-28T01:52:46+00:00

Adiuvaret Kids invites entries for innovative tools and techniques in the pre-school setup

Early childhood and pre-school period is critical for the kids and parents in terms of social, cognitive and emotional development. During this time, a child has the highest potential to improve all the skills those are required for the social and academic success later in the life. This period is most conducive for the kids to develop abilities to cope with environmental, social and other challenges. This includes skills like self-help mechanism, decision taking abilities, attention, emotion management, appropriate behaviour, communication and socialisation.
Considering the most CRUCIAL period of development, Adiuvaret Kids, an organisation, is taking stride to create a support SYSTEM for the parents, teachers, Pre-primary schools to adopt various tools and techniques through well-structured research programs. Adiuvaret kids has initiated a number of research which would support all of our endeavour to raise our children in the best possible way. In this regard, Adiuvaret Kids is in a process to identify most innovative ways of imparting the skills among kids in their pre-school set up.

Invitation for Submission of Innovative ways of learning in Pre-school

Adiuvaret Kids invites the submission of innovative practices of learning and teaching methods for
the pre-school segments.
All the schools operating in the pre-school segment may submit their entries in a prescribed format
available for this purpose.

Selection of Best Entry and Monetary reward
A high profile jury including educationalist, child psychologist, child education specialist,
paediatrician and spastic experts would evaluate the entries and select top entries.
Top entries would be awarded as follows;
Top Innovator in Pre school teaching- Rs. 11,000 + Certificate
2 nd best innovator award in pre-school teaching- Rs.5,000 + Certificate
3 rd Best innovator award in pre-school teaching- Rs.3,000 + Certificate
Next 10 schools would be awarded smart innovator award with a certificate and Rs 1000 each.

Last date for submission of entries: 30 October 2019

The entries may be submitted in the following format;

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